9 инструментов, чтобы увеличить количество записей в клинику и улучшить доходимость

9 Tools to Increase Clinic Appointments and Improve Attendance Rate

Before a patients visits a clinic, they go through a long process: search for symptoms of the disease, then study the clinic's website, social networks, and reviews. Even having booked an appointment, the patient does not always attend.

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There can be many reasons for this, from the usual “forgot” to the fact that he saw an unpleasant review on the network afterwards and decided to go to another clinic. Therefore, it is necessary to work comprehensively along the entire patient’s journey, using different digital tools from SEO to managing the clinic’s reputation online.

In this article, we will give 10 tools, using which you will with a 100% guarantee increase the number of applications, and everyone who made an appointment will come to the clinic with much greater probability.

SEO optimization of the clinic’s website:

  • Goal: Increase site visibility in search engines for key queries.
  • Tools: Google Analytics, Ahrefs or SEMrush.
  • Expected result: Improvement in search positions by 10-20%.

Optimization includes keyword analysis, site structure improvement, content and metadata optimization, and page loading speed improvement. Use tools to analyze keywords and competitors to understand what queries your potential patients are using. Check your site’s loading speed here: Google PageSpeed Insights.

Improving site content:

  • Goal: Provide complete and understandable information about services, specialists, prices.
  • Tools: WordPress/Tilda for content management. Depending on where your site was originally made. Canva for creating visuals
  • Expected result: Increase in time on site by 15-30%.

It is important that the information on the site is not only complete but also easily accessible, with clear calls to action (for example, “appointment buttons”). Create informative service descriptions, add photos of staff and clinic premises, use video to demonstrate procedures and equipment.

Active social media management:

  • Goal: Establishing feedback, informing about news and promotions.
  • Tools: You can work directly in social networking apps or manage them through Meta Business Suite or services like Hootsuite.
  • Expected result: Increase in patient loyalty and referrals by 10-15%.

Regular posting of relevant content helps maintain interest in the clinic and stimulates communication with patients. Organize regular posts about health, proper nutrition, clinic news. Use targeted advertising to attract new patients.

Online reputation management:

  • Goal: Monitoring and responding to reviews online.
  • Tools: Google Alerts, Reputology.
  • Expected result: Increase in the overall rating of the clinic by 1-2 points.

Maintain an active dialogue with patients, thank them for positive reviews, and respond correctly to criticism.

Email marketing:

  • Goal: Reminders about appointments, information about events.
  • Tools: Mailchimp or SendPulse
  • Expected result: Reduction in visit refusals by 10-20%.

Send out useful materials, information about special offers, and reminders about appointments. Segment your audience to send personalized offers and information that will be most relevant to each patient.

Chatbot integration:

  • Goal: Automating initial consultations, appointments, and reminders
  • Tools: Sendpulse, ManyChat.
  • Expected result: Faster service and reduced staff workload, reduction in visit refusals by 20%

Chatbots can automatically answer frequent questions and help make an appointment, reducing staff workload. Set up a chatbot to handle basic requests and redirect complex cases to live operators.

Online advertising campaigns:

  • Goal: Attracting new customers and reminding about the clinic.
  • Tools: Google Ads, Facebook Ads.
  • Expected result: Increase in the number of appointments by 20-30%.

Attracting attention through targeted advertising on social networks and in search engines. Set up campaigns so that they reach your target audience at times when they are most interested in medical services.

Loyalty programs:

  • Goal: Stimulating repeat visits.
  • Tools: Personal accounts on the website, mobile application.
  • Expected result: Increase in the number of repeat visits by 15-25%.

Offering discounts, bonuses, and special conditions for regular patients. Develop a system of accumulating points or discounts for each visit, which can be used for subsequent payments for services.

Analytics and monitoring:

  • Goal: Evaluating the effectiveness of implemented measures and adjusting the strategy.
  • Tools: Google Analytics 4, Google Data Studio,
  • Expected result: Continuous improvement of the marketing strategy and client experience.

Collecting and analyzing data on user behavior on the site and in the application for constant service improvement. Use data visualization tools to understand which marketing strategies work best and adjust them in real time.

These steps represent a comprehensive approach to improving interaction with patients at all stages of their journey to the clinic, which contributes to increasing their loyalty and reducing refusals from visits. We work with our clients in this way and by these same steps. An example of our work with a medical clinic can be seen in this article.

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