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Lead generation for dentistry promotion through Google Ads and SEO. 4,000+ applications.

Avatar Yuliya Kozina
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case study


  • Analyzed the project: analysis of competitors and target audience, SEO audit of the site, advertising campaigns.
  • We developed a marketing strategy: attracting new clients and retaining current ones using various channels and tools.
  • We developed a new website https://www.denta.lv/en/ (after/before).



  • We connected analytics and remarketing audience collection tools: Facebook CAPI, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console.
  • Conducted advanced, technical SEO based on a checklist of more than 90+ items.
  • We shot advertising and image videos.

  • Banners for ads

  • We launched advertising campaigns in Google Ads.
  • We launched advertising campaigns on social networks.
  • We launched remarketing campaigns on social networks, the Google banner network and YouTube.

What did we get as a result?

Every year we publish a new case on this clinic. Today we will describe the result for 2023.

Results for targeted advertising on social networks:

  • Average cost per lead for 2023 in Meta: €11
  • 2023: 321 leads for €10.83 (after testing, it was revealed that cheaper applications, but no less high-quality, come from the lead form, which we are now focusing on)

Results for Google Ads

  • Average cost per conversion for 2023 on Google: €3
  • 2023: 2,254 conversions for €3.24

SEO results

Reached the TOP 5 of search results for almost all targeted key queries.

The most effective banners:

+ above published videos

Indicator analysis and reporting:

  • We carry out weekly/monthly/quarterly analytics and control of indicators for the operational optimization of advertising campaigns and overall strategy.

For 2023, in addition to attracting conversions on the site from paid advertising:

Google / cpc (Google advertising) – 1,225 conversions;

Social / cpc (advertising on social networks) – 105 conversions.

Organic or free conversions received:

Google / organic, bing / organic (organic results) – 2,361 conversions;

Direct (direct requests) – 704 conversions;

Refferal (referral links) – 59 conversions.

The main flow of applications comes from the first touch. And in general, the client interacts with the advertisement 2-3 times and quickly submits a request. Therefore, we decided not to spend the budget on insulation and funnels in emails.


As a result, the presented case study of integrated marketing of the Denta medical clinic emphasizes the importance of an integrated approach to advertising and marketing efforts. Effective use of various promotion channels, including online platforms, social networks, advertising campaigns, allows the clinic to attract the target audience, expand its awareness and increase the flow of clients. An important aspect of this approach is to maximize return on investment (ROI) by optimizing the budget and focusing on the most effective acquisition channels. Such strategies allow medical institutions not only to successfully compete in the market, but also to develop effectively, providing a high level of service and meeting customer needs.

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