How to grow Instagram

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If you're trying to grow your Instagram following, having a strategy will help you succeed. There are plenty of ways to grow your followers, but these tips will get you started on the right path.
Consistency is key when it comes to gaining new followers and building your audience. When you post on Instagram, you’re not just posting for yourself—you’re posting for your followers too. If they see that you only post once every few days or weeks, they might not think that your account is worth following. The key here is to be consistent with how often you post so that people will be more likely to keep checking in on your page!
Getting creative with your Instagram content is a great way to attract new followers. Try posting different types of posts and images, such as:
  • Reels videos
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Photos
Get Creative
To increase your followers, make it easy for people to follow you. First, include a link to your Instagram profile on all of your social media accounts and any other online platforms where you frequently post about yourself. The link should be easy for people to find, click, and remember.
If possible, also use external links (such as from emails or other websites) with tracking codes that allow you to see exactly which users are clicking through from those links—and then go on to follow you on Instagram. This will help you reach out personally once they’ve already taken the first step toward engagement with your brand by following you there!
You should also be generous with likes and comments.
Take a look at your followers' profiles, see what they post, and like and comment on what you think is interesting. If someone posts something funny or cool, tell them so by liking it or commenting on it. The more socially active you are, the more other users will want to follow you too!
To get found on Instagram, you need to use relevant hashtags. You’re not going to go viral by randomly throwing a bunch of tags up and hoping one sticks. Instead, you need to pick the right ones that will lead people back to your photos and videos.
First, make sure the hashtags are popular with your target audience. If they aren’t, then why bother? Second, make sure they aren’t too competitive—that means too many users are already using it or too many people follow those who use it (or both). Thirdly, make sure they aren't too broad or specific either—you want something in between so as not be lost in the crowd but also stand out from other posts that might have similar content but different ideas behind them (like "food blogger"). Fourthly, take into account how long each hashtag is; if there's more than 25 letters per tag then chances are no one will bother reading through all of them anyway so why bother posting multiple times on social media sites like Facebook where there is limited character space available for each post anyway?
Instagram Stories is a great way to engage with followers and keep them interested. Use your stories to share content that will draw people into following you, such as behind the scenes of your business or introducing yourself to new followers. You can also use stories to announce giveaways and contests, which can help you build an engaged community on Instagram.
When using Instagram Stories, make sure that you are posting regularly enough that people feel like they can count on seeing something from you every day or two.
If it’s been a few days since your last story (or if it was just one post), consider posting another one!
You should use your bio links wisely. They are prime real estate, and they can take you a long way. Use them to direct people to your site, your instagram account, or even a Facebook page. If you want to be especially aggressive with the links, consider creating an ad that directs people to one of these sites with a CTA (call-to-action).
Sharing your Instagram content on other channels is a great way to build your following. If you're already active on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, post links to your Instagram photos and videos there as well. You can also share them in other apps like Snapchat or WhatsApp if they are popular with the audience of people who are likely to follow you on Instagram.
If you have an email newsletter that goes out regularly, include a link to one or more of your most recent posts in it (if possible). If not, consider creating one specifically for sharing news about anything related to what you do online: new products added to your shop; when the next season starts up; special offers etc...
You may be able to post links directly onto forums where people are interested in what it is that attracted you there - after all many forums will allow "self-promotion" within certain limits!
Make it Easy for People to Follow You

Don't Be Stingy with Likes and Comments
Use Relevant Hashtags to Get Discovered

Engage with Instagram Stories

Use All Your Captions and Bio Links Wisely

Share Your Instagram Content on Other Channels

If you're ready to start growing your Instagram followers, these tips will get you on the right track. The most important thing is to be consistent and creative with your content. You don't have to worry about being stingy with likes and comments, either—that's what makes social media so fun! As long as you're engaging with others' posts regularly, there's no limit on how many people can see what it is that makes them follow you in the first place: your unique personality and style!
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