Implementation of CRM systems and CRM marketing
Order CRM system implementation with staff training from Roast.Marketing.
We help you avoid problems with losing customers and profits and digitise all your business processes.

  • Digitise business processes
  • Take control of sales
  • Free yourself from routine
  • Improve the quality of your services
  • Facilitate work and communication
  • We help you implement CRM in a day
Contextual advertising
The CRM system combines all sources of communication with the customer in a single and convenient interface.
Wherever the customer writes to you, you communicate with him in a single window. Our company offers services for the implementation and installation of CRM systems.

CRM setup and implementation

Increase conversion from lead to sale
Payback period of the implementation
Loss of customers
The principle of contextual website promotion
  • Advertising consists of keywords and ads.
  • Keywords are what the user types into the search bar ("buy office furniture, stretch ceilings in Moscow").
  • Ads are what you show him in response to his query.
  • In the phrases, it is important to choose the right ones that correspond as clearly as possible to your company and website.
  • And in the ad - point out your advantages over the competition and the most profitable trade offers.
Stages of work
Completing a brief in a 5-minute telephone conversation.

Identifying the wishes for the system.
Defining the funnel stages that lead to a sale. And identifying the most important stage of the sales funnel.

Write the "perfect" actions and goals of the stage where the customer moves to the next stage.
CRM setup and mail connection, IP telephony setup, connection of all forms of website.

Writing important points of customer management and rules in the company policy.
Introduction and training of managers.

Tracking of correctness of maintenance.
What kind of CRM are we introducing?
Suitable for large companies with a large number of employees. There are many setting options, which often makes intuitive use difficult.
Support is only available in chat, which is a minus point.
Bitrix 24
Amocrm has many basic integrations with websites, telephony and other services.
Excellent phone support and many options for custom enhancements to implement crm even in the most difficult situations.
Ideal for micro and small businesses.
Crm is a system designed for the service sector.
It is simple to enter, easy to use, there are basic widgets and a built-in loyalty system.
Most integrations are possible via a third-party service.
Basic connection
  • Full study of advertising
  • Search advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Intelligent banners for shops
  • Advertising for 1 month
Quick implementation
  • Quickly test your business and estimate costs.