Order contextual advertising
The Roast.Marketing agency professionally deals with the creation of contextual advertising.
We know the tasks of the company and therefore always focus on the result, which is expressed in turnover and profit.

  • The hottest clients compared to other ads
  • Showing ads during demand
  • Refunding those who did not buy
  • Performing contextual advertising in search engines
  • We pay back 160% of the investment from the first month onwards
Contextual advertising
Search engine advertising is necessary to quickly increase traffic and sales to your website. It allows you to be in the first line of search results from day one, bypassing all your competitors and getting requests for goods and services from hot customers.

It is a paid advertisement where you pay for every click on the ad. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider the payback, return on investment and other indicators.

In our company you can order:
  • Settings for contextual advertising;
  • Competitor analysis and compilation of ads with UTP;
  • Advertising management;
  • Creation of ads in search and ad networks;
  • Analysis of existing companies and optimisation tips;
  • Revision of current settings;
  • Real-time reporting.
Setting up and starting a project
Average monthly advertising budget
payback time
Average return on investment
The principle of contextual website promotion
  • Advertising consists of keywords and ads.
  • Keywords are what the user types into the search bar ("buy office furniture, stretch ceilings in Moscow").
  • Ads are what you show him in response to his request.
  • In the phrases, it is important to choose the right ones that correspond as clearly as possible to your company and website.
  • And in the ad - point out your advantages over the competition and the most profitable trade offers.
Stages of work
Вы обращаетесь в IMA agency, чтобы заказать контекстную рекламу. Мы проводим анализ текущей рекламы и анализ конкурентов. По телефону с ваших слов заполняем бриф с пожеланиями за 5 минут. Заполняем и подписываем договор.
Вносите предоплату 50%.
We collect semantics and minus words. We make advertisements. We draw graphic creations and set up an advertising account.
Pay the remaining 50%. We start optimising and maintaining contextual advertising. We issue a link to the report that records all actions on campaigns.
Analysis and optimisation of targeted advertising and provision of reports.
It is displayed on millions of partner websites. Advantages of contextual advertising in networks:
  • Display of advertising on search queries or on websites on specific topics.
  • The possibility of being constantly in sight and remembered.The use of graphic ads.
Advertising in social networks
It is displayed in the search engine in response to the client's request. Advantages:
  • The ad is displayed at the time of demand. So the customer is ready to buy now when the demand is high.
  • It is displayed above the block with natural SEO output. As a result, he visits your website first.
Search engine
Display a banner on the main page of the search engine or display your products with customisation to a trade request.

  • Autoforming of ads.
  • The most eye-catching format to make you stand out from the competition.
Return of visitors depending on their behaviour. Advantages:
  • The ability to return to pages with special offers from those who have not purchased.
  • Ads depending on the stage of interaction with you (thinking, ready to buy, choosing between competitors).


  • Complete study on advertising
  • Advertising in search
  • Retargeting
  • Smart banners for shops
  • Advertising for 1 month

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