Proven sales techniques are implemented in 3 days, without extra money for advertising, which pays off in 1-2 months

Sales training for employees of sales departments and experts by Svetlana Afanasyeva

for sales departments and experts
Managers answer in a messenger and by phone, but all go to think or to competitors because they offer services cheaper
I pay my sales managers out of my own pocket because they do not sell
Managers advise, answer politely but do not sell
Employees are less likely to burn out at work
Cute counselling sessions will be a thing of the past - managers will sell and close deals
Conversion to a sale and the average sales receipt will increase
Managers will be able to close more deals for the same marketing and advertising costs
Managers will know how to overcome the main objections "expensive", "I will think about it", "I do not need anything", "no money".
Salespeople will stop giving discounts
Managers will understand that selling is an algorithm and statistics, not magic. They will learn how to break the sale into phases and work with the conversion of each phase.
Salespeople will learn to take the initiative of the conversation and lead it down the path of the sale
They will understand where the inner insecurity in selling comes from and learn how to deal with negative irrational attitudes.
As a result, sales will become more confident and the fear of selling will disappear.
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Wholesale and retail company SEASONS
  • Severe staff burnout due to a large influx of cold leads.
  • They offered the product without asking what the buyer needed
  • We used 2-3 rote arguments in the sale
  • Inconsistent results due to fatigue and lack of regulations
  • Induction of new managers is very stressful due to lack of systematic training
  • New system of staff training
  • Expanding the arsenal of argumentation and persuasion of the buyer
  • Mastering self-regulation techniques for quick recovery
  • Elimination of the fear of selling, the negative attitude "selling - imposition".
  • Increase in sales turnover by 15% in the first month
  • The conversion rate went up by an average of 15-20%
  • The average receipt increased by 20%
  • Salespeople began to engage in dialogue on their own initiative that led to sales, rather than just giving advice
  • The sellers did not hear what the buyer wanted
  • Offered cheaper goods
  • Did not work with stocks and bundles
"NEBABUSHKA" yarn shop
  • We have established a clear structure for answering an incoming call
  • We have learned how to build a dialogue about identifying needs
  • We have learned to explain technical points in simple language
  • We have learnt 'not to let go' to think, but to continue the dialogue and close the deal
  • We have increased the average number of transactions through upselling
  • The sellers did not complete the transaction
  • Offered the product without clarifying the customer's needs
  • Forgot to sell the additional equipment
  • We had a dialogue about the stages of the sale, and depending on the mood
Online Shop for Tourist Equipment
  • The conversion rate increased by an average of 15-20%.
  • The average receipt increased by 20%.
  • Salespeople began to engage in dialogue on their own initiative that led to sales, not just advice
  • The sellers waive upsale and do not increase the average transaction receipt.
  • Politely advising instead of actively selling
  • There is no regulation on how to respond to negative comments or a refund.
  • It was difficult to deal with objections of "why is it so expensive for you, why have the prices gone up".
  • They did not sell for high receipt but made downsales where it was not necessary.
"PETRA" boutique chain
What can you have in your head?
Svetlana Afanasyeva
sales coach
- Developed and sold her own franchise network of photo schools 32 points from Kaliningrad to Novosibirsk.
- Owner of the Excellent Student tutoring center in Vladimir.
- I train specialists to sell their services at a high price. After training, the income of students and experts increases from scratch to an average of 300 thousand roubles per month.
- I hire managers in sales departments, teach techniques and write scripts.
- I teach sales to owners of schools and studios of make-up, public speaking, music schools, coaches in the field of psychology, tutoring centers, etc. This increases profits by 2-3 times without having to increase the advertising budget.
- I train experts to write sales posts
- I am an expert at the biggest sales forums "Monsters of Sales" Igor Ryzov
- Author of the best-selling sales book "Selling like God".
- I teach sales at the biggest online schools and online university "Synergy".
Audit scripts and the work of the sales department
Hire sales managers
Train new managers or an existing sales department
Writing sales scripts
Teach to earn from the professions acquired.
Teach them to write sales posts and create a content plan.
School Owners
Академия “МастерВижн”
Академия Реинкарнациологии
Институт Анны Матари
“Школа комфортного похудения” Андрея Невского
школа элегантности Анастасии Переваловой
центр духовной интеграционики Константина Довлатова
стилист Ольга Чистова
центр “Энергология”
Owners of retail chains and online stores
сеть нижнего белья Petra
сеть магазина пряжи “Небабушка”
федеральная оптово-розничная сеть верхней одежды “ Seasons”
роизводство медицинского оборудования “Зерц”
кейтеринговая компания “Progress Project”
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