как привлечь пациентов в клинику

How to attract patients to the clinic? Case: Consilium Medicum

For the first time in our practice, there was a case when we had to close an appointment with a doctor for six months.

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With our partner Consilium Medicum, our team will very soon celebrate the micro anniversary of cooperation – 1 year. Just a spoiler – this is an excellent example of HOW to quickly and efficiently achieve the main goal in the field of paid medical clinics, namely to provide complete records for the entire staff. If, of course, you choose the right marketing agency 🙂

CONSILIUM MEDICUM – multidisciplinary medical clinic

Location: Riga, Latvia

Main advantages:

  • All necessary doctors and procedures are available in one place – for adults and children! (20 areas of medicine and 19 specialists)
  • Diagnosis, diagnosis and formation of a treatment plan occurs in 1 day
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of patients are organized in accordance with international advanced technologies
  • A comprehensive approach: experience, practice and competence of the doctor plus individual selection of treatment technology.
  • Fast diagnosis, thanks to the availability of the latest generation diagnostic equipment.
  • Convenient location in the city center
  • Experience and reputation for 20 years

Website https://consilium-medicum.lv/en

The following goals were described within the framework of this project:

  • Attracting more patients
  • Filling out the appointment schedule for all 19 clinic specialists and increasing the average bill (for all types of services)
  • Strengthening the brand’s position in the niche of medical centers (entering the top 10 competitors in the market)

The approach involved brainstorming with a team of experts, developing a strategy and creating a step-by-step playbook for business growth.

Work process:

  • Analysis of the client’s point A: understanding the unique situation and goals, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, analysis of growth points.
  • Brainstorming with a team of experts: meeting with a business consultant, marketer, project managers and SMM manager to generate ideas.
  • Selecting the best ideas: curating ideas to form an effective strategy.
  • Developing step-by-step instructions for reaching point B: preparing a detailed presentation for a partner.
  • Optional strategy implementation: offering services for the implementation of the developed strategy.
  • Optional partner training: offering training services within the framework of the developed strategy.

Benefits for the client:

  • Integrated approach: an individual approach to each partner and his unique needs.
  • Creativity and innovation: fresh ideas from a team of professionals to reach a new level of business.
  • Flexibility of choice: the ability to independently implement the strategy or implement it with our help.

Expected results for the partner:

  • Increasing your client base: effective strategies for attracting new patients.
  • Profit growth: increasing business profitability through optimized marketing and sales strategies.
  • Strengthening market position: improving brand visibility and reputation.

Developing step-by-step instructions for reaching point B:

1) Creation of a unified visual identity and strategy for communicating the brand with the consumer

a) creation of a new modern website with a high level of usability for users of all target audiences

b) creation of a Facebook page and an Instagram account for greater visibility of the brand in the information field and simplified communication with a younger audience

c) creating promotional videos similar to video tours

2) Determine online promotion channels and budgets

3) Connect additional services to achieve your goals

  • Email marketing
  • SMM

4) Connecting a CRM system to improve the quality of service and analytics of application processing and advertising effectiveness

5) Connecting analytics with details on advertising channels and KPIs

What was implemented in 10 months:

1) Creation of a unified visual identity and strategy for communicating the brand with the consumer

  • A unified brand book has been developed

  • Facebook page and Instagram account created and filled with content
  • Organized production of video commercials

2) A new modern website has been created with a convenient registration form

  • The site has a slider with promotions

3) Complete technical optimization of the site was carried out using a checklist of more than 90 points

  • Website speed has been optimized, meta titles and meta descriptions have been written for key queries.

  • For non-branded keywords, the site is in the TOP 10 search results on Google and is indexed for 1000+ keywords

  • For brand queries, the site is in the TOP 1 search results for 38 spelling variations of the clinic name.
  • A content plan has been developed and SEO articles are regularly published on the blog.

4) Email marketing set up

  • SendPulse integrated
  • A chain of letters with interesting and useful information about the clinic has been developed
  • Sending emails as part of a remarketing advertising campaign has been set up

5) Integrated CRM system ALTEGIO for customer registration, database maintenance and analytics.

6) A sales funnel was developed for the client, channels for promotion were selected – advertising on Facebook and Instagram, advertising on Google for key queries

  • analysis of target audience and competitors was carried out
  • advertising in the meta account (facebook/instagram) was set up and launched, a strategy was developed to optimize advertising campaigns based on analytics
  • Advertising on GOOGLE has been set up and launched

Next, we analyzed the number of touch points before the application (slightly more than 2) and the number of days before the application (less than 1 day). These are really very good indicators that inform us that our advertising campaigns are working correctly. In this case, we meet a potential patient at all possible touch points – social networks on pages and in advertising, organic and paid Google traffic, in remarketing advertising campaigns, and send emails with information and promotions. For what? For a large and beautiful number of conversions and leads = appointments in the clinic. It works.

Example “advertising performance by source for February 2024” (note that this is not the top sales month):

Performance on Facebook/Instagram (lead generation):

183 leads at a price of 2.37 euros per procedure at a price of 50 euros. This is good, but look below – even better)

35 leads at a price of 1.72 euros for a procedure for 100 euros!

Next is the overall standings 😉 Let’s look at the numbers:

Performance on GOOGLE for the entire period of work (7 months):

Weekly – 70-100 conversions with a price of 3-5 euros

SUMMARY: a second administrator was hired to process leads and calls

But it seemed to us that this was not enough and we began to work further:

7) The main lead-generating services and services that require sales stimulation have been identified.

Monthly development of service offers to stimulate sales of basic and additional procedures and preparation of a package of creatives for promotion on Facebook/Instagram

  • For example, an advertising campaign for IV therapy was developed, commercial names and product descriptions were created, and creatives were created. The result is that demand for this service has increased, although there was no such trend before. Registration for the procedure is 100%

Below are examples of creatives

8) Developed and implemented a content plan for social networks, the facebook page and Instagram profile were packaged to improve usability for the user.

An important comment from the agency: this case was successful in many respects because the client completely trusted the team and requested only the necessary growth statistics.

An interesting point: for the first time in our practice, there was a case when we had to close an appointment with a doctor for six months, because in November there were free appointment windows for April. As they say, “don’t cook the pot :)))”

And yes, we can, and we don’t think so! Sign up for a consultation and we will help your clinic too