Marketing diagnostic for medical clinics

We invite you to diagnose your clinic, medical center, dentistry or cosmetology.

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Marketing diagnostic of your clinic head image - Google Ads

Analysis of Google Ads campaigns

You will receive an audit of your current advertising campaigns and suggestions for improvement.

Analysis of Meta Ads campaigns

To ensure they are effectively reaching your target audience, optimizing your budget allocation, and maximizing return on investment.

Analysis of your website or landing page

To ensure your website remains optimized for user experience, functionality, and search engine visibility.

Analysis of your sales department

Our secret patients will conduct follow-up calls and contacts at your clinic.

Marketing diagnostic of your clinic secret patient
Marketing diagnostic of your clinic Feedback

Clinic’s reputation online check

As a result, you will receive practical recommendations and tools to increase the profit of your clinic.

Checklist for checking clinic administrators

Would you like to receive a checklist for checking clinic administrators? Sign up for diagnostics right now.

For clinic owners and heads of marketing departments

We will provide valuable insights into the efficiency, compliance, and effectiveness of various aspects of operations.

For chief medical officers

We will help you to identify areas for improvement, mitigate risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and ultimately optimize performance, leading to better patient outcomes and overall success of the clinic.

Marketing diagnostic of your clinic for clinic owners, marketers