Ваш администратор крадет вашу прибыль! 😡💸

Your Administrator is Stealing Your Profit! 😡💸

Practice shows that despite their main duties, administrators often engage in numerous additional but useless tasks. This leads to a lack of focus and involvement in the primary process, reducing efficiency.

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Why Does This Lead to Financial Losses? 💸

Administrators play a key role in creating the first impression and ensuring a comfortable stay for patients at the clinic. Effective communication with patients is a priority task that directly affects financial results.

Statistics and Facts

  • First Impression: According to research, 70% of patients form their first impression of the clinic during their first contact with the administrator.
  • Patient Retention: About 60% of patients do not return to the clinic if they are not satisfied with the service level.
  • Recommendations: 80% of patients are willing to recommend the clinic to friends and family if they receive good service.

Simple Formula:

No Communication = No Clients

Why is Constant Interaction with Patients So Important?

Constant interaction with patients is necessary. Good relationships encourage patients to recommend your clinic to friends and return again. Limiting the administrator’s functions to only secretarial work leads to mistakes and financial losses.

Main Mistakes of Administrators Leading to Losses:

  1. Lack of Interest in Patient Problems: Administrators who do not show interest in patient problems reduce loyalty and trust.
  2. Low Motivation to Retain Clients: Administrators who are not motivated to retain clients “lose” them, leading to decreased income.
  3. Incorrect Patient Scheduling: Mistakes in patient scheduling can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction.
  4. Low Service Level: Not maintaining a high service level creates a negative impression of the clinic.
  5. Lack of Work with the Patient Database: Without systematic work with the patient database, the opportunity for retention and return of clients is lost.


ROAST MARKETING is ready to help you optimize the work of administrators and increase the profitability of your clinic. Our services include:

  • Analysis of Current Processes: Identifying weaknesses in the work of administrative staff.
  • Training and Education: Conducting courses to improve communication and patient interaction skills.
  • Implementation of Modern Technologies: Using CRM systems and online platforms for effective management of appointments and patient databases.

By contacting us, you will receive a comprehensive solution that will increase the efficiency of your clinic and enhance patient satisfaction. Don’t let your administrator steal your profit – trust the professionals at ROAST MARKETING!