In the healthcare sector. We work with multidisciplinary medical centers and dental clinics



Anastasija Roze

Project Wizard - Master of Magical Tasks

Sister in magic to Santa Merika, project manager, magically solving the most complex tasks and adding sparkle to them.


Santa Merika

Project Wizard - Master of Magical Tasks

The project manager, possessing the power of organization and coordination, making every project a true wonder.


Yuliya Kozina

Astral Analyst - Sorcerer of the Target Audience

The targetologist and project manager, capable of reading the stars and astral signs, to accurately find the path to the hearts and minds of your audience.


Eugene Perstnov

Search Engine Magician

A master of magical keywords and secret algorithms, he navigates the ever-shifting landscapes of search engines with the precision of a Seeker


Daria Shahanova

Social Media Manager

Charming the social realm with her potion of engagement, she conjures viral spells and builds communities as effortlessly as casting a Patronus


Anna Leskovaya

Wordpress Website Developer

Wielding code like ancient runes, she architects digital realms where both magic and functionality dwell in harmony


We are a team where each master contributes their unique skill to your project, achieving your goals and making your business a part of the magic!


Among the starry sky of our clients, we have found true luminaries, ready for collaboration and a joint journey through the world of magic and success. 🌟🤝

For us, each client is not just a company, but a magical alliance, where we together create and realize dreams. We are proud to collaborate with such magnificent brands, and every logo in this section is a piece of magic and a success story that we create together.

Thank you for making our work so exciting and inspiring! Look at the stars that shine in our sky of collaboration:


Our Values and Approaches

As digital marketing wizards, we magically help companies flourish and thrive in the world of online magic. Our goal is to be skilled companions for businesses looking to expand their online presence, multiply sales, and strengthen their reputation in the digital world.

Our philosophy

To create magical products without compromise. We pay attention to every detail because we believe that is the only way to achieve a magical result.

Our mission

Our mission is to help brands ride the waves of digital magic, creating magic for both clients and our team. We aim to become true wizards in the realm of digital magic and open the gates of magical success in the online world and, of course, make more money.

Our Key Magical Principles:

  • 01 Magic and Innovation

    We are always on the crest of the magical wave of the latest technologies and we create magic to enchant your audience.

  • 02 Results Oriented

    We not only create magical campaigns, but we also measure their effectiveness. Our work is real alchemy, aimed at achieving magical business goals.

  • 03 Collaboration and Partnership

    We believe that the best spells are achieved through close magical collaboration with our clients. We listen carefully to you and together we create spells of success.

  • 04 Ethics and Transparency

    We adhere to the highest magical standards in marketing and provide honest and clear reports on our magical activities.

  • 05 Learning and Development

    e are eternal students of magic and constantly evolve to stay ahead of evolution. We are ready to share our magical knowledge and experience with our clients.




As wizards of digital marketing, we burn with a fiery passion for online magic and the quest for new spells to make the world of internet business better. We believe in the magic of marketing and its ability to transform businesses and improve people's lives.



We strive to be true wizards in the world of internet magic. Continuous learning and development are our magical scrolls, enabling us to provide clients with the most modern and effective spells.



Our mission is to help clients achieve magic in the online world. We create magical strategies that lead to increased sales, profit growth, and strengthened brand image.



We value and respect the magic we bring into the world. We aim for magical rewards for our services, believing that successful magic should be fairly compensated.

The philosophy of ROAST MARKETING is a spell that combines our passion for digital wizardry, professional development, delivering magical value to clients, and earning deserved magical rewards for our efforts. This motivates us every day to work towards our mission and achieve outstanding magical results for our clients, like true wizards whose magic leaves a mark in the online world.