Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns

Get a promo coupon for up to $500 for your first advertising campaign, plus a free audit of advertising campaigns.

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Expertise and experience

Proven expertise and experience in PPC advertising across various platforms. A deep understanding of different PPC models and best practices is essential for creating effective campaigns.

Certifications and qualifications

Google Ads certified. These certifications allow us to stay up-to-date with PPC trends and technologies.

Strategy development

You will get a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your business goals, targets the right audience, and selects appropriate keywords and bidding strategies to maximize ROI.

Transparency and reporting

Transparency in costs, strategies, and performance reporting. Regular, detailed reports will help you understand where your money is going and what results you're getting, enabling data-driven decisions

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Technology and tools

We are using advanced tools for campaign management, keyword research, competitor analysis, and performance tracking. Advanced tools can provide a competitive edge in optimizing campaigns and improving outcomes.

Communication and collaboration

We are responsive listeners of your needs, and willing to adjust strategies based on performance data and feedback.

Cost structure

We offer hourly rate and percentage of spend-based pricing, the cost structure will be transparent and have a good value for your investment.

Ongoing optimization and testing

(A/B testing of ads, landing pages, etc.) for maximum efficiency. Testing and refining campaigns to achieve better results over time.