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Google My Business for Dentists

Every second, Google processes 99,000 queries. That's over 8.5 billion queries per day. This information alone is enough to understand that if your clinic cannot be found on Google, you're missing out on huge opportunities.

Avatar Ilya Nikitenko
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Google My Business is the simplest and fastest way to get into Google search results. This is your clinic’s profile on Google where you provide important, up-to-date information: address, contact phone number, links to social networks, and business hours. Your clinic immediately appears on the map, and when a user searches for dental services, they will see the options closest to them on the map.

From a Google My Business profile, a user can plan a route, call, visit your website, or send a message to a chat with the push of a button.

And most importantly, a Google My Business profile is where reviews of your clinic will be collected, and this is the main place where your future patient will read them before making an appointment.

What affects whether Google shows your clinic or a competitor’s clinic:

  1. The “Company Information” section filled in as detailed as possible
  2. Presence of a logo, cover, and photos in the profile
  3. Filled in services
  4. Presence of posts with news or promotions of your clinic
  5. Positive reviews

Fill in all the fields you find in the “Company Information” section of the profile, add a logo, cover photo, and just upload photos of your clinic, doctors. Fill in the “Services” section so that the user can immediately see what services you offer. Regularly post news about your clinic in the profile. There is a special “add news” section for this in it. If you post some useful information on social networks or launch a promotion, it will not hurt if you also publish this news in your Google My Business profile.

Reviews are the most important part that Google pays attention to when deciding which clinic to show to the user. If, for example, a user wrote in a search “dentistry nearby”, then Google will determine the nearest dentistry to the user, but before showing, Google will check the reviews and show the clinic closest to the user, but with the best reviews. And even if your clinic is 30 meters from the user, but there are bad reviews about it – it will not show you or will show much less. This is a kind of auction, where the top spots are taken by clinics with good reviews, with a detailed profile, with photos, videos, and posts.

You only need to spend a couple of hours once, set everything up, and in the future, periodically share news and regularly ask patients to leave a review on Google. You can also find the link to the review on Google in the profile. The link looks like this:

In the profile, you can always take a look at interesting statistics about your clinic:

How many people called from the profile


How many people went to the website

How many times your clinic was seen in Google search

And other useful information.

If you need help setting up your Google My Business profile or need help getting positive reviews, write to us by filling out the form at the very bottom of this page.