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Why does dentistry need SEO when there’s Google advertising?

Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of a website so that search engines see your site But how are SEO and Google Ads related?

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Many people think that SEO is about being in the top ten search results and that results need to be waited for a very long time and the costs are high. As a result they decide to launch paid advertising, for example, in Google search. Frankly speaking this is a wrong decision. Even if you just want to launch an ad on Google – it’s important to do at least technical SEO.

In Google Ads advertising campaigns there is such a parameter as Quality Score and Landing page experience.

The algorithm analyzes your website before launching advertising on it and if at least basic, technical SEO is not done, meta titles and descriptions are not specified and the key query does not correspond to the H1 heading on your page – Google will lower the rating of your page and will show it either less often or for non-relevant queries, or at the very bottom of the ad issue. At the same time if you hired a freelancer whose task is simply to launch an advertisement – in 80% of cases he will not even tell you about this since his task is simple and “the hut is on the edge” and you will come to the point that you will think that advertising in Google does not work for you. And increasing the advertising budget will not save the situation, because Google simply will not match that what the user is looking for is on your page. And vice versa, if the rating is high – Google with a much greater probability will show your ad at the very top and for less money.

To overtake competitors in search, so that the results of advertising costs are profitable, check:

  1. Landing page rating
  2. Quality Score
  3. The ad leads to the correct landing page (1 service = 1 page = 1 ad) The logic is this: the user writes in Google: “implants”, sees an ad where the word “implants” is in the title, clicks and gets on the page where the word “implants” is in the title and then Google understands that maybe your page has just what the user is looking for.

How to find out what rating my page has:

Go to the keywords of the advertising campaign, find the necessary keyword there, and see the result in the table. If these columns are not there, go to the report settings and add the missing items.

Example: the most popular NON-brand keyword for dentistry in Riga: zobārstniecība

And as you can see in the screenshot the page where people land on this request shows 8 points out of 10. And LP experience is above average. This means Google loves this page and will show it to users.

This of course is not the only thing that affects the results of advertising, but very important. I will tell about other moments affecting the results in a separate article.

In ROAST MARKETING before launching an advertisement we check the technical optimization of the site according to a checklist of 50 points, in addition to this we check the structure of the page as we know what and how should be located on the page, we correct if something is wrong and only then we launch traffic to this page.

seo checklist

If you have your own marketer or marketing department in your clinic, send him our checklist for checking technical SEO. Download your copy here